Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ugly sluts can and will try(and usally fail) to steal your boyfriend

so i went on facebook today and one of my best friends 9well maybe not as much now)is trying to steal my other friends boyfriend. i was so tempted to comment on her post on my friends boyfriend's wall and tell her to just stop cos she never liked him before so why now? also she did this on another one of my guys friends wall even though he is clearly "In a relationship" glad my BF diesnt have a facebook or shell prob try and steal him too...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Belhh school

ok so the school i go to doesnt seem to care if your hall pass is legit,ALSO the guys in gym are tools who care wayyyy too much about winning. i have BRUISES on my legs from this one guy trying to kick the soccer-ball away from me D: thank GOD i didnt wear shorts today... that is all

Sunday, October 3, 2010

wow im selfish

ok so i know im gonna sound like a brat in this post BUT i dont care right now. SOOO i just got the news that i HAVE to go to my cousins engagement party on saturday...the SAME day as a VEY IMPORTANT thing that i dont want to go into details about. anyway im pretty much the 'Black Sheep' of the family and everytime i go to these "social Gatherings" i get the same damn question... 'Why arent you eating enough?" OMG i just want to scream. they always act like i either hate thier food or that i have an friggen eating disorder. NOTE TO FAMILY: I dont have one! anyway on to better news. i have a Halloween costume (YES i still dress up STFU)i plan on being pikachu this year *SQUEE* anyway all i have is the IDEA this plan has not been but into action yet :-/ but anyway i have the materials but i just need the thime...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

life, my dear is NOT fair

Ok so, its raining out and i JUST though of this, if 'GOD' loves us so much then why does he send people to hell hmm? its like a double standard.I mean it just doesnt make sense because it almost feels like no matter what you do you only have 2 choices.I mean (If your Roman-catholic or whatever)you are supposed "Praise" whoever you do (or dont) worship because its "the right thing to do" now, i know im probably just babbleing along like a crazy but this is pretty much why i dont really "have a religion" EX: i celebrate christmas and easter but i dont go to church every sunday ya know? plus Im pretty sure i will end up like the people who make up a new religion. Im sorry if offended people but this was one thought i HAD to get out of my head before bed.

Monday, September 6, 2010


tomorrow i start school...FUN. im really stressing over nothing since im not a new to the school. I really dont know how much free time i will have since homework tends to pile up. anyway that was all

Friday, September 3, 2010

am i the only one with Itunes store problems???

OK so i wanted to get some more songs for my nano and for some strange reason the Itunes store doesn't seem to wanna connect??? ive had this prob before ( i had to download this random file thing IDK this was a few years ago) ANYway its really starting to annoy me so. anyone have any advice? i went to the HELP thing online but it didnt have anything useful :/

Thursday, August 26, 2010

vintage obsession and part rant

so lately ive been in love with Vintage clothes and Accessories ever since the CAPE COD salvation army where i bought a leather jacket that didn't have prices BUT you would put it on a scale and you would have to round the weight to the price. AND my friend showed me this really cool website called 'Mod Cloth' i love how they have all sizes and you can see how the clothes fit on people unlike other clothing sites where they don't have people modeling them and you have to wait till it arrives to see if it accurately fits right or not,I hate that a lot. I mean its kinda unfair if your not a small which they always seem to model so you have to guess what it'll look like on you if you are... lets say a LARGE then you have to either go to the store or pray it fits.and of course if they don't have it or you cant figure out how the damn place is setup you pretty much have to guess. the same goes for pants I mean like seriously ive had to take like three sizes into a dressing room before! its soo annoying especially if you have people waiting for the dressing room too. like in 'HOT TOPIC' the store near me has only 1 hear me 1 dressing room! although it IS large enough to hold 2 people if you ever been in the Black Friday rush its like the pit of hell i tell ya. ANYWAY, most of the other store like 'Abercrombie' and 'Hollister' have the weirdest sizing ive ever seen. in Hollister the clothes are always a little snug on you no matter what but in ABERCROMBIE? you better be a malnourished model other wise you cant wear shit there. anyway i must be off for i have to go shop for art supplies for the coming school year!