Tuesday, September 28, 2010

life, my dear is NOT fair

Ok so, its raining out and i JUST though of this, if 'GOD' loves us so much then why does he send people to hell hmm? its like a double standard.I mean it just doesnt make sense because it almost feels like no matter what you do you only have 2 choices.I mean (If your Roman-catholic or whatever)you are supposed "Praise" whoever you do (or dont) worship because its "the right thing to do" now, i know im probably just babbleing along like a crazy but this is pretty much why i dont really "have a religion" EX: i celebrate christmas and easter but i dont go to church every sunday ya know? plus Im pretty sure i will end up like the people who make up a new religion. Im sorry if offended people but this was one thought i HAD to get out of my head before bed.

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