Sunday, October 3, 2010

wow im selfish

ok so i know im gonna sound like a brat in this post BUT i dont care right now. SOOO i just got the news that i HAVE to go to my cousins engagement party on saturday...the SAME day as a VEY IMPORTANT thing that i dont want to go into details about. anyway im pretty much the 'Black Sheep' of the family and everytime i go to these "social Gatherings" i get the same damn question... 'Why arent you eating enough?" OMG i just want to scream. they always act like i either hate thier food or that i have an friggen eating disorder. NOTE TO FAMILY: I dont have one! anyway on to better news. i have a Halloween costume (YES i still dress up STFU)i plan on being pikachu this year *SQUEE* anyway all i have is the IDEA this plan has not been but into action yet :-/ but anyway i have the materials but i just need the thime...

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