Thursday, August 26, 2010

vintage obsession and part rant

so lately ive been in love with Vintage clothes and Accessories ever since the CAPE COD salvation army where i bought a leather jacket that didn't have prices BUT you would put it on a scale and you would have to round the weight to the price. AND my friend showed me this really cool website called 'Mod Cloth' i love how they have all sizes and you can see how the clothes fit on people unlike other clothing sites where they don't have people modeling them and you have to wait till it arrives to see if it accurately fits right or not,I hate that a lot. I mean its kinda unfair if your not a small which they always seem to model so you have to guess what it'll look like on you if you are... lets say a LARGE then you have to either go to the store or pray it fits.and of course if they don't have it or you cant figure out how the damn place is setup you pretty much have to guess. the same goes for pants I mean like seriously ive had to take like three sizes into a dressing room before! its soo annoying especially if you have people waiting for the dressing room too. like in 'HOT TOPIC' the store near me has only 1 hear me 1 dressing room! although it IS large enough to hold 2 people if you ever been in the Black Friday rush its like the pit of hell i tell ya. ANYWAY, most of the other store like 'Abercrombie' and 'Hollister' have the weirdest sizing ive ever seen. in Hollister the clothes are always a little snug on you no matter what but in ABERCROMBIE? you better be a malnourished model other wise you cant wear shit there. anyway i must be off for i have to go shop for art supplies for the coming school year!

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